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HE Chengzhou(何成洲)

Nanjing University

Chengzhou He received his PhD from the University of Oslo (2002) and is Professor of English and Drama, and Dean of the School of Arts, Yangtze River Distinguished Professor, Nanjing University, China. He is also a foreign member of Academia Europaea (the Academy of Europe). His research interests include Modern Drama/Theatre, Performance Studies and Comparative Literature. His books include: Henrik Ibsen and Modern Chinese Drama (Oslo UP, 2004), Representations of the Other: Theory and Practice (Goettingen UP, 2009), and The Scandinavian Canonical Authors: Ibsen, Strindberg and Hamsun (Peking UP, 2009). His articles have appeared in: A Journal of Feminist Studies, Gender, Place and Culture, Modern Fiction Studies, Comparative Literature Studies, Modern Language Quarterly, Comparative Drama, European Review, Orbis Litterarumand other international as well as Chinese academic journals. He is former Chair of the International Ibsen Committee, former Co-Director of Nanjing U-Johns Hopkins U Center for Chinese and American Studies (HNC), and currently Chinese Director of the Nanjing-Brown Joint Program of Gender Studies and Humanities, and Director of the Chinese-Nordic Cultural Center.