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David Currell

American University of Beirut

David Currell is Associate Professor and Chair of English at the American University of Beirut, where he has taught since 2012 and serves on the steering committee of the Centre for Arts and Humanities and as an affiliate faculty of the AUB Theatre Initiative. He received AUB’s Teaching Excellence Award in 2020. He studied Mathematics, Classics, and English at the University of Melbourne and completed his PhD in English at Yale. A literary historian interested in large questions of how texts bridge time and space, much of his work concerns the Renaissance reception of classical antiquity and the contemporary global reception of these earlier periods. In this vein, he co-edited the volumes Digital Milton (2018) and Reading Milton through Islam (2015). He is currently writing a book on Renaissance epic and satire and a guide to Milton’s complete works. Other research interests include global practices of satire and the connection between the representation of games and contests and the practice of literary allusion. His work has appeared in journals including Critical Survey, English Studies, MLN, Shakespeare Survey, Translation and Literature and in several edited collections.