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“GHI Summer School 2024”

Event Dates:
22 June - 7 July 2024
Nanjing University (China)


Call for Applications!

Water, Climate and Global Humanities

“Rhythms of Water”: Nanjing University Summer School

22 June to 7 July, 2024

Location: First week in Suzhou, second week in Nanjing

Participants: 50 graduate students (30 overseas students)

Theme and Structure

Water is ecologically significant and culturally valuable. Hosted by the Institute of Global Humanities at Nanjing University, the 2024 “Rhythms of Water” Summer School, held in collaboration with the Global Humanities Network at Cambridge University, explores   humanity’s interactions with the seas, rivers, and canals on which societies depend. The teaching will take place in traditional class rooms but also through site visits. Students from around the world will investigate connections between water, urban societies, and climate to develop deep knowledge about responses to the benefits and threats of water in culture, history, and art not just in China but also elsewhere in the world. The summer school will be held in the picturesque city of Suzhou – the Venice of China – and the historically renowned city of Nanjing located on the Yangzi River, China’s largest.

 Course Design

  1. Theme: All lectures and activities will closely revolve around the theme – water, nature, climate change, and the history and renewal of the water town’s human ecology.
  2. Lecturers: Experts in the fields of water resource management, history, art, and climate change will share their knowledge and perspective on water.
  3. Interaction and Practice: In addition to lectures, field teaching (such as visits to Tai Lake, Suzhou Gardens, museums) and interactive discussions will be arranged.
  4. During the course, each student will participate in a group project to produce a joint piece of work that will be presented to all faculty and staff on the final day of the course.


  1. Course fees: Free for students
  2. Travelling fees: Students or their own universities will cover their travelling fees.
  3. Fees in China: Nanjing University Institute of Global Humanities and Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges Nanjing University will be responsible for students’ accommodation, local transportation and field visits.

 Cross-Cultural Exchanges

  1. Language Support: Bilingual services in Chinese and English will be provided to ensure all students understand the content of the activities.
  2. Cultural Sensitivity: Staff will undergo cross-cultural communication training to understand the sensitivities of different cultures and respect multicultural backgrounds.
  3. International Student Care: Special welcome activities and cultural adaptation guidance will be arranged for international students.

 Feedback and Evaluation

  1. Feedback Collection: After the event, feedback from students and lecturers will be collected for the improvement of future activities.
  2. Effectiveness Evaluation: The impact and effectiveness of the summer camp will be assessed through surveys, group discussions, and other methods.

 Application Deadline: March 1, 2024

Please apply by sending the following to [email protected]

  1. CV
  2. One page statement: outlining what your PhD project is, what stage it is at and why you will benefit from attending the Summer School.