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Public Lecture: Imperialisms – forms, flows, cross-currents

Event Dates:
McGrath Centre, St Catherine’s College
22 June 2023 , 5:30
Hans van de Ven
(University of Cambridge)
Malvika Maheshwari
(Ashoka University)
Dipesh Chakrabarty (University of Chicago)
Lianbi Zhu (Fudan University)

The School of Arts and Humanities is delighted to invite you to join us for an exciting conversation on “Imperialisms – forms, flows, cross-currents”, to be held in the “McGrath Centre”, St Catherine’s College, on Thursday 22 June 2023 at 5:30pm. 

This session is taking place as part of the GH Network’s first in person conference since its founding in 2020, which will be chaired by Shruti Kapila and attended by representatives of all our global partners in Chile, India, China, Turkey and Lebanon.

Our special guest will be Prof Dipesh Chakrabarty, University of Chicago, who will join the discussion with members of the Global Humanities Network.

“Imperialisms – forms, flows, cross-currents”

What to do with or say about the legacies of imperialism? Museums, governments, and academic institutions struggle intensely with that question today, assessing its impact on their own institutions while considering acts of acknowledgment and mitigation, all with the potential to be contentious and have significant repercussions.

This panel brings together scholars from India, China, the USA, and the UK to re-ask fundamental questions such as what types of imperialisms existed, what flows of information, people, and   goods did they make possible and which did they interrupt, and how should we teach a topic to increasingly diverse and globally aware undergraduate bodies. 


Schedule GHN Public Lecture: “Imperialisms – forms, flows, cross-currents”

  5.15pm ~ Doors open at the McGrath centre, St Catherine’s College

5.30pm ~  Event starts with brief introduction by the chair, Shruti Kapila

5.40pm – 6.20pm ~  Four Speakers: Prof Dipesh Chakrabarty, Prof Hans van de Ven, Dr Malvika Maheshwari and Dr Lianbi Zhu

6.20pm- 6.30pm ~  Comments from the chair

6.30pm – 7pm ~ Q&A from audience (max 30min)

7pm – Closing with Shruti Kapila

To attend this event ‘in-person’ click the following link: